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Ashley choi

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"Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone."


Ashley is the daughter of April Ng and Andrew Choi and a grade 11 student at New Westminster Secondary.  She volunteers as an Air Scout Leader with Scouts Canada, and is a member of her school's film club. She has many hobbies including creative writing, reading, singing and playing the guitar. She also has been a competitive swimmer and swim instructor, and designed apps.

Ashley is inspired by the people who have the courage to get up and chase their dreams, because "not many people can truly say they’ve done that".

Ashley's most treasured keepsakes are her diaries because it is a detailed documents of her life so far where she pours all her secrets.

When not spending time with the Hyack Festival in the Royal City, Ashley tries to get out to travel and see big cities.


Her proudest moment in life, so far, was when she was able to stand up for herself against an abusive person of authority.  


Ashley knows she will be a good Hyack Ambassador because she is proud to represent the city and works to her fullest ability in everything she is passionate about.


TV Show / I do not watch TV!

Movie / The Sound of Music


Song / Never Enough (Lauren Allred)


Book / The Cliff House

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