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Claire Haffner

Sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of New Westminster

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TV Show / Friends

Movie / Mamma Mia

Song / I Lived (One Republic)


Book / The Woman in Cabin 10 (Ruth Ware)



“Just keep swimming”.

- Dory, Finding Nemo

It reminds me that even when times are tough, I need to persevere and keep going.

Claire is the daughter of Michael and Melissa Haffner, and is sister to Grace. She is in grade 11 at New Westminster Secondary, where she plays both basketball and volleyball. Claire also plays volleyball outside of school, and dreams of continuing to play for a university, as it is one of her biggest passions. Having played many sports in her lifetime and after taking the career course in grade 10, she has been looking at jobs in Health Sciences (physio therapy, genetic counsellor, etc). buat has also recently been interested in business and technology, and she looks forward to exploring her options. Claire also plays piano and has volunteered at many small events, but looks forward to  doing more volunteering in her community through the Hyack Ambassador Program.


Claire is most inspired by her parents, as they are the kindest, most supportive and hardworking people she has ever met. They always push Claire and her sister to do their best and make them take risks even when they don’t want to. She is very thankful to have them in her life.

Claire's most treasured keepsake is her Pandora charm bracelet. Almost every
important event that has happened in her life is represented by a charm. It shows her family, friends, travels, May Day and so much more.

Her proudest moment of her life so far was receiving female athlete of the year for her grade last year. "I worked really hard during the volleyball and basketball season and it was nice to
be recognized for my effort."

Claire's favourite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is going down to the Quay in the summers, getting gelato at the farmers market and walking along the boardwalk with her friends. "At the end of the boardwalk, there used to be
beach volleyball courts and I loved playing there. Or relaxing in the hammocks the city would hang. It was the perfect place to relax."

When asked who she would trade places with, past or present, Claire says:
"I have always wanted to know what it was like to live during the renaissance so I think it would be interesting to trade places with Marie-Antoinette. When I visited France, I got to go inside
the place of Versailles and it would be interesting to see how the royal family lived back then. The society was very divided and it would be different to live in a monarchy government, especially to be the Queen. However, if I was to trade places with her, I would want to leave before the French Revolution."

If she could give advice to her 13-year-old-self, Claire would tell herself not to care what anyone else thinks or says. "It’s typical to be self-conscious at that age but the only thing that matters is how you see yourself." She would also tell her 13-year-old self to not worry so much about the future and to just live in the moment.

Claire believes she would make a good Hyack Ambassador because no one loves this city more than she does. She
loves our traditions like the Hyack Parade and May Day. "We are a small community but our spirit is big. My parents grew up here and it only seems fair that I do my part to give back by
volunteering and representing my Royal City."

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