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Jasmine is the daughter of Harinder and Nirmal Rattan and is a student at New Westminster Secondary where she has been on the Honour Roll since 2014.  She has been part of the NWSS Drama program since she started high school and has received numerous “citizenship” awards while growing up.  Jasmine also enjoys reading articles and keeping track of breaking news because it is important to stay in touch with the world.  In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, volunteer and spend time with family and friends.  After graduation, Jasmine plans on attending post-secondary in order to achieve her goal in becoming a psychologist and help those struggling with mental illness.

Jasmine’s favorite TV show is The Mindy Project and her favorite movie is Hairspray.

Her favorite song is “Sandcastles” by Beyonce and her favorite book is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.  She is inspired by her Grandmother because she was a mother of seven, new to Canada, couldn’t speak English but that didn’t stop her.  She had dedication and taught Jasmine how to be a strong independent woman.  Jasmine’s most treasured keepsakes are her diaries from when she was a little girl because she loves looking back and laughing about how dramatic they are!

Words to live by

by Jasmine Rattan

Always try hard in school because your education is something no one can take away from you.”

Jasmine’s favorite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is walking the boardwalk at Pier Park on warm summer evenings with her family..  Jasmine’s proudest moment in her life so far was when she raised money with her classmates and sent it all to less fortunate kids in India.  If Jasmine could trade places with anyone it would be Her Majesty the Queen because she has led such an amazing life and has lived through many important events in history.  Jasmine believes she would make a good Hyack Ambassador because of her bubbly personality and the love she has for her community.

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