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TV Show / The Big Bang Theory

Movie / "I think its impossible to settle on one favourite movie. However I love sci fi, action and
adventure movies since I grew up mostly on those genres."

Song / "With movies and songs there is no one answer. I’d say that I really enjoy any song, with the exception of country."

Book / The Percy Jackson series (Rick Riordan).
"His work is absolutely incredible, as well as his take on Greek roman and norse mythology."

Laura is the daughter of Annie and Lawrence Solkoski, and is a grade 11 student at NWSS, where she is a member of their string orchestra. A multitalented musician, Laura plays the violin, guitar, flute. piano and sings. She is also a part of her school's film and chess clubs, and enjoys drawing, painting and playing badminton in her spare time.

Laura looks up to her older sibling Laurie Anne. "She just seems to have everything figured out and is
always there for my family!"

Laura's favourite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is being able to hang out with her friends and family.


"For my proudest moment, due to the fact I have a fear of slugs, I think I’m quite proud to say that I “poked” one. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve washed my finger that day," Laura says.

If Laura were to trade places with anyone in the world, she would perhaps choose Christine Aguilera since she has a very beautiful voice.

Laura believes being a Hyack Ambassador is not about beauty or popularity, but what you can do and offer to your community by doing the best you can if you are willing to. She believes this is what makes herself a good Hyack Ambassador, and anyone really, as one doesn’t need a crown or sash to become more involved in
one's city.


"Be sure to learn from your mistakes - remember that a thousand failures and one success is still success."

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