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Leah is the daughter of Nikki and Gene Binns.  She is a piano player, guitar player, cross-country runner and a softball player, she is also a minimalist.  Leah has been part of the Burnaby Oakeys Fast pitch Softball Team and runs the Alpha Club at her high school, New Westminster Secondary.  She has received the title of May Queen 2012 and is on the NWSS Honour Roll every year.  Leah also enjoys going on adventures with her friends and playing with her one year old niece.  In her spare time she also likes to hang out with best friends James and Emily.  After graduation, Leah plans to do an internship at CLA or go to Pacific Life Bible College.

Love Jesus and love others.”

Words to live by

by Leah Binns

Leah’s favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy and her favourite movie is Monsters Inc.  Her favourite song is “Oceans” by Hillsong and her favourite book is How’s Your Soul by Judah Smith.  She is inspired by Peggy Hare (her boyfriend’s Grandma) because she is a very beautiful human inside and out and is so strong in her faith.  Leah wants to live the way Peggy lives her life.  Leah’s most treasured keepsakes are her Bible and Journal.  All her prayers, verses and ways to live a life closer to Jesus are in these books.

Leah’s favourite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is walking around the Quay with her best friends, while eating ice cream.  Leah’s proudest moment in her life, so far, was going on a mission’s trip to Ecuador with her Youth Group.  If Leah could trade places with anyone it would be Judah Smith because he has an amazing personality and a super beautiful family.  He has written many books and is Justin Beiber’s friend.  Leah believes she would make a good Hyack Ambassador because she is a very kind person and is good with making people feel wanted.

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