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Natasha Sing

Sponsored by Team Dave Vallee

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TV Show / Adventure Land
A kid's favourite, it continues to inspire and amaze her.

Movie / Breathe
About the troubles of life and having the willpower to overcome them.


Song / Nothing (Monsune)


Book / Dunkin (Donna Gephart)


“Enjoy the ride and never take anything for granted.”


 ~Mark McMorris

Natasha is the daughter of Mel and Judy Sing and is big sister to her brother, Adam.  She has been a member of Boswell Dance Academy since she was 7 years old and participates in jazz, lyrical, and ballet group and solo competitions.  Natasha is part of a youth steering committee with the Vancouver Aquarium and is a lead member of the Environment Club at New West Senior Secondary.  She enjoys volunteering at the New Westminster Library helping children read in French, educating children on marine life at the Vancouver Aquarium AquaCamps and, recently, has been volunteering with Columbia Square Animal Hospital.  In her spare time, Natasha enjoys snowboarding and photography. 

She is inspired by snowboarder, Mark McMorris, with his resilience and ability to get back up, no matter how hopeless the situation.  “I aspire to be like Mark not only when I’m on the mountain, but in my daily life as well.”  


Natasha’s most treasured keepsake is her first pair of pointe shoes.

Natasha’s favorite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is to hang out with friends, and her dog, on a sunny day at Pier Park.  


Natasha’s proudest moment in her life, so far, was performing her first solo and being presented with a Judges Award.


If she could trade places with anyone it would be with a Buddhist monk because, “I believe it would give me a totally different cultural experience, give me new ways of viewing life and feeling humbled by it.”

 Natasha believes she would be a good Hyack Ambassador because she has integrity and true “grit.”  She believes you have to stay true to who you are, to stay true to anyone else.

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