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Northwest Festival Hosting Group Membership

As a member of the Northwest Festival Hosting Group (NWFHG), the Hyack Festival Association has proudly cultivated meaningful and cherished relationships with festival groups across the Pacific Northwest in the United States for many years.


The mission of the Northwest Festival Hosting Group is to promote the member festivals and encourage resource sharing between them to enhance the quality and attendance level of each festival event for the benefit of their communities.


After navigating a challenging path for many years, Hyack is currently struggling to secure funding for permanent staff and events sponsorships. This impacts the performance of our community events and the longevity of the organization.


The organization learned a valuable lesson in 2020 when the funds depleted and we had to sell our building to preserve the organization, at this time we need to rethink our finances to ensure that the organization fulfills its purpose of providing the residents of New Westminster with community events for many years to come. 


Due to the annual cost and time that our participation in the NWFGH parades incurs to us, the organization has decided to discontinue its membership and take the time to strengthen ties with our local community and get back on our feet.  We are prioritizing the longevity of the organization and our responsibility to the New Westminster community.


As this is an important decision for the organization, it was communicated to the current members, who have decided to withdraw our participation in the NWFHG parades in the USA.


Despite this decision, we are still happy to welcome our American friends to our parade in May. With great understanding on their end,  we already have amazing entries coming from the USA to our parade in May this year. 


This decision was made by the members of the New Westminster Hyack Festival Association during a Special General Meeting held on the night of February 7th, 2024 at First Presbyterian Church, New Westminster.

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