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Paris De Capite Hyack Ambassador

Paris De Capite

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Paris De Capite Hyack Ambassador


TV Show / Grey's Anatomy

Movie / The Giver

Singer/ Post Malone


Author / Rupi Kaur

Paris De Capite Hyack Ambassador

Paris is the daughter of Rio and Lili De Capite, and is sister to Talia (Hyack Ambassador 2014) and Chanel (Hyack Princess 2018). Paris is in grade 12 at New Westminster Secondary, and looks forward to attending post-secondary school and starting a family. Paris is a cheerleader with Vancouver All Stars, and has spent 6 years volunteering at the Hyack Festival Association with her family. Paris also volunteers with Honour House in New Westminster.

Paris is inspired by her friends and family because they push her to be the best version of herself.


Paris's most treasured keepsake is a lamb stuffed animal she received when she was younger, as it reminds her of her childhood.

Her proudest moment of her life so far has been learning how to drive.

Paris's favourite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is walking around and shopping at the Quay.

If she could trade places with anyone, past or present, Paris would trade places with Allie Hamilton (a character from The Notebook). Paris wants to be as carefree as Allie, and be reminded to "enjoy life to the fullest". 

Paris believes she would make a good Hyack Ambassador because she values community spirit, and she wants to give back to the community and create history.

If she could give a piece of advice to her 13-year-0ld self, Paris would tell herself to "do whatever makes you happy."


“You only live once.”

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