Shining Bright Recognition Program

Who’s Shining Bright in the Royal City?

The Shining Bright Recognition Program is in place to give credit back to those who have gone out of their way in the community through volunteerism, charity, donations and over-all good will to others.

“We want to recognize those who truly are an example to others through their heartfelt generosity and passion.” says Lili De Capite, President of The Hyack Festival Association, who designed the program as a way of giving thanks to the many people who step out of their comfort zones and want to make a difference to the overall well-being of New Westminster.

She goes on to explain how the program is reflective of the 2019 theme for Hyack Festival Association, Shining Bright in the Royal City. “There’s a large group of people in New Westminster who are really involved and passionate about the community. The number of things that are happening in the city has changed in the past ten years. There’s a lot of people who believe in sharing their passions with others and helping people work on areas they’re passionate about. There are so many opportunities in which to say “yes” but not enough of us that actually do it.”

Lili feels by recognizing outstanding individuals it can strengthen community involvement and inspire our youth to become helpers and leaders of the future.

Official certificates and commemorative collector pins are also available by request from the Hyack Office by calling Brunella at ‭(604) 522-6894‬.

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Shining Bright Recognition Certificate Recipients

Alan Wardle

Alana McIntyre

Aleksandra Novosiltseff​

Alexandra Volodarets

Anna Almonte

Anne Smith

Arlene Hodd

Atousa Nevisipour

Becci Dewinetz

Betteanne Wilson

Bill Kirkby

Brenda Adam

Brunella Battista

Cathy Lawrence 

Chanel De Capite 

Charissa Vanags

Crystal Fergusson

Dave Rogal

David Boettcher

David MacGrotty

Deb Sutherland

Deb Wardle

Diana Brinton

Donna Ross

Edna Rodger

Eileen Jang

Elizabeth Perisic

Eric Smith

Ernest Doerkson

Eunice Tanuwijaya

Franci Louann

Garnet Hardy

Gayle Vanags

Gerri Harder-Anderson

Ginny Bociek

Gregory Geipel

Helen Bodner

Hyack Ambassadors Alumni

Iris Kozak

Jim Dobbs

Jim Olsen

Joseph Burthe

Karen Baker-MacGrotty

Karen Justice 

Kate Habrel

Kathie Curri

Ken Clarke

Len Kozak

Leonard Pallerstein

Lili De Capite

Lorraine Brett

Ludy Novosiltseff  

Maddie Lamieux

Margaret McNaughtan

Maria Anos

Meghan Conner

Michael James

Nancy Kirkby

Paris De Capite

Penny McIvor

Peter Goodwin

Raquel and Elijah Cunanan

Rick Molstad

Rio De Capite

Rod McIvor

Ron Brinton

Sandra Sontowski

Sandra Walton

Sarah Neels

Scouts Canada

Shannon Roest

Sharon Werner 

Sherry Joel

Steve Grant

Surinder Kainth

Talia De Capite

Talia Monno

Taylor Atherly

Theresa Henry-Smith

Tim Catcher

Trudy Jenkins

Volunteers from Last Door 

Volunteers from Scientology

Volunteers from the Radio Club

Volunteers from Westminster House