Shining Bright in the Royal City

Since 1971, the Hyack Festival Association has

organized a wide range of events to help preserve

our history and traditions in New Westminster. By

fostering a positive image, we promote the city

both locally and internationally.

The city of New Westminster was actually named

by the reigning British monarch of the day, Queen

Victoria. This is why are known, even to this very

day, as the Royal City.


As President 2019, I am greatly honoured for the

opportunity to represent the Hyack Festival

Association and hope you will join us as we

celebrate our 48th year! Throughout the twelve

months, Hyack events and festivals offer

community members of all ages many

opportunities to participate in a fun-filled

atmosphere, while also recognizing our time honoured

traditions and treasured community

spirit which truly makes us shine!

This year’s theme, “Shining Bright in the Royal

City” reflects the rich heritage of our community

and its people while paying tribute to and

recreating the city’s past.


Lili De Capite, President 2019

                                       The Royal City


New Westminster has a rich history dating back to 1859 when it was selected as the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia and officially named by Queen Victoria after her favourite part of London. The official naming by the Queen gave New Westminster its nickname ‘The Royal City” and recognition for being the first city in Western Canada.


In 1860, New Westminster became the first city to have an elected municipal government. The city’s strategic location ensured our early status as a dynamic hub of economic activity, strengthened by community pride and emboldened by achievement. While New Westminster is known for its strong ties to a colourful history, the city is gaining notoriety as a hip place to live and visit, with rapid transit access, a thriving waterfront and an abundance of arts and recreational activities. In New Westminster, we are proud of our rich past, and our doors are open to a bright future.

President Lili De Capite

and First Gentleman Rio

The 2019 Hyack Festival FLOAT

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