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Hyack Festival

Royal City Show & Shine

A tried and true genuine Car Show for weekend mechanic enthusiasts to professionals alike, the Iconic Show and Shine is an inclusive exhibition showcasing the most beautiful, rare, and unique cars, motorcycles, trucks and other eco-friendly modes of transportation. The goal is to create an attractive and experiential social event where heritage, dedication, care and innovation can be dispensed to attentive crowds in a diverse family setting.

The 2018  Royal City Show & Shine enhanced and enlivened the quality of life for the citizens of New Westminster and our visitors, by providing an intergenerational social occasion, held dearly in the hearts of our community, that highlighted hard work and dedication on the part of the participants, stretched the audience imagination and stimulated the economy of our community, providing ideas and many shopping opportunities.

Local businesses are encouraged to participate. The large crowd provides increased foot traffic in the area. Last year alone, we saw business increase in the general area surrounding the JI as our audience spilled to the nearby mall, gas stations and similar. Car and motorcycle clubs found new members. Local sponsors were highlighted and event production relied heavily on local businesses. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the 2019 Royal City Show & Shine.

After running for 15 years on the streets of New Westminster, we had two successful years at the Justice Institute of BC location.

2017 Show & Shine photo gallery

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