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Sienna Ziemlanski

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TV Show / Scooby Doo
"I grew up watching the show, so it brings me a lot of comfort."

Movie / Pride and Prejudice
"I think it’s a gorgeous film that is beautifully written.


Song / Clouds (Luke Faulkner)

Book / Fablehaven (Brandon Mull)


Sienna is the daughter of Tom and Cindy Ziemlanski and sister to Wren. The necklace that Sienna wears, a birthday gift from her sister, is Sienna’s most prized possession. She also has a pet bearded dragon named puff. Sienna attends Grade 12 at New Westminster Secondary School.

Sienna participates in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. She is most inspired by her trainer, Ellen, who is always so positive about Sienna's weightlifting, even when Sienna is having a bad day. Ellen empowers her to keep trying her best.


Her proudest moment so far in her life was when she successfully cleaned and jerked 35 kilograms for the first time.

In her spare time, Sienna also enjoys reading, journaling and crocheting. She also has an interest in studying psychology, and hopes to continue pursuing this interest in college so she can help those with mental illness

Other than Hyack week, what Sienna is most proud of in our Royal City is the New Westminster Gymnastics Program.

If Sienna could witness any historic moment, she would have loved to witness the Women’s Suffrage Movement, to see women come together and make a stand for their rights.


If she could trade places with anyone in the world, Sienna would choose Sadie Sink because she would love to be an
actress and also love to be in Stranger Things.

To anonymously brighten someone’s day, Sienna would leave a note on their desk telling them how good they looked today. 

Through the Hyack Ambassador program, Sienna hopes to improve her leadership skills, and represent her city with kindness, patience and confidence.


“You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it yourself.”.

- Glinda the Good Witch

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