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Being part of the Ford Family

Owning your first vehicle is an exciting time, as Chanel De Capite has recently come to discover. As an ambassador of the New Westminster Hyack Festival Association and sponsored by Key West Ford, Chanel developed a sense of pride in her relationship with her sponsors and urged her parents to build on that community relationship by purchasing a vehicle from Key West Ford rather than another dealership.

Mary (Feldhaus) has been there for me 100%, from coaching me on my sponsor speech, attending my Meet and Greet, President’s Tea, and making sure I had a sponsor escort at my Awards Gala, as well as being a person I could talk to when we bumped into each other at random events.”

When Mary introduced the De Capite Family to sales rep Rob Vanoverschot, they felt they could trust him to help find the perfect vehicle.”

And while Chanel is sharing her new vehicle with two sisters and practicing to get her official license soon, she knows that by being a member of the “Ford Family” she can count on the folks at Key West for any upcoming maintenance and servicing requirements with confidence!

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