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On July 1st, 2019 the Hyack Festival Association's volunteers rose bright and early to help setting up the first Hyack Canada Day Festival & Fireworks. Sure, they had been bringing you Fireworks for many years, but Canada Day 2019 marked the day when they officially launched the Hyack Canada Day Festival with the re-branded Fireworks.

The Presenting sponsor, River Market, went beyond the call of duty through their ever helpful staff. Our partners, the New West Arts Council, helped with setting up of the craft market, and the Fraser River Discovery Centre was open with activities.

At 1,30 pm the stage came alive with local MC Lorraine Brett, the beats of Quayside Voices, Jeff Neufeld, the sounds and sights of the Romanian Treasure, Carmina Bolinao, Barry Wilson and Nova Sol. We were joined by high profile sponsor the Beverley's own Drew Ratcliffe, delighted by B.C. Senator Yonah Martin, and welcomed to New West by MP Peter Julian.

Angelina's restaurant provided a classy private patio for the volunteers and their community-minded friends.

All in a day’s work, the Hyack Festival team helped a senior immigrant artist find a new market for his wooden toys, provided a special space for children and adults to dance, have fun and create memories, and overall delighted everyone that came out (as well as many community members who stayed at home) and watched the sky high and stunning fireworks.

You too can join the Hyack Festival by becoming a member or volunteering by clicking here.

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