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Exciting win at the White Rock Sea Festival 2019!

When he’s not re-inacting civil war scenes or rebuilding cannons, Larry Beckett is showcasing his award winning 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 retractable teal classic car.

This year he proudly volunteered his time to drive Hyack President Lili De Capite in our own Hyack International Parade, White Rock Seafest Parade and the Penticton Peachfest Parade.

While participating in White Rock and carrying the 2019 Hyack Ambassador Team, along with Karen and David MacGrotty’s 1964 classic white corvette, Larry’s Fairlane won the ribbon for Best Car Entry!

Larry is also know in the Royal City as founder of the Seymour Artillery Company, setting off the cannon with the Mayor, Hyack President and Miss New Westminster in front of City Hall during our annual Hyack Week.

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