The Hyack International  Parade 

May 25, 2019; 11 am- 1,30 pm

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The renowned Hyack International Parade is one of British Columbia’s largest parades with over 100 entries from throughout BC and the Pacific Northwest. It is a riveting and diverse experience with memorable multicultural entries from all over BC and the Pacific Northwest. Join us at 11:00 am Saturday, May 25th!


Within the parade, The Hyack Float gives all residents of New Westminster the feeling of ownership and pride while promoting the past present and future of New Westminster. Businesses, schools, municipalities, charitable organizations, arts groups and other community stakeholders participate in the parade every year with their own marching bands, performing groups, entertainers, and floats often created by their own volunteers. Families look forward to this chance to spend time making connections with friends and families while being entertained.


The greatest impact this parade has is building the ‘Spirit of Community’ and providing a day of free entertainment and community engagement that is truly inclusive, intergenerational, diverse and multicultural. Hyack Festival Week culminates with the highly recognized Hyack International Parade; a family-oriented event which brings together the City of New Westminster and beyond.


























Please walk, ride
or take transit to 
the Parade
Please walk, ride
or take transit to 
the Parade

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