New Westminster Uptown Street Fest!

May 23, 2020 (Saturday) 11am - 4pm

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Vendors, Food Truck and Other Businesses

A popular event in New Westminster, the Uptown Fest! turns Belmont Street into a hub of free entertainment and cultural performances, music and activities for children, teens and adults, while supporting local vendors, food merchants and other artisan creators to display and sell their creations.

This public community event by the Hyack Association, provides citizens with social interaction and participation (with various levels of engagement, provides a fresh yet familiar venue for social exchange, creates experiential group interaction and offers a way to meet our own neighbours, all things that result in improved mental health, happiness, and eudaemonia. 


Every year hundreds of volunteers commit their time and energy to organizing, marketing and running the Hyack Festival’s large scale events. We build community spirit and encourage volunteerism through open and inclusive participation. This creative interaction, provides opportunities for learning, acquisition of new skills, forges bonds between local businesses and residents -through arts and culture and socializing- driving economic activity. 


The Hyack Festival encourage affordable, multicultural and intergenerational activation so children, youth, adults and seniors can participate together; it creates community building, fosters understanding of cultures and respect for all people, increases awareness of cultural opportunities and traditions while improving the overall quality of life  and enhancing the ‘Spirit of Community’.


By offering free intergenerational entertainment in a spirit that celebrates culture, heritage, artistic expression and team work, we help create memories while providing a sense of pride and ownership. Offering exciting and inclusive entertainment that the community looks forward to, and revitalizing their sense of place by taking over a familiar space, we provide continuity and positivity to all income levels and cultures, stimulating feelings of satisfaction, social well-being and acceptance- all significant values in “quality of life”. The Festival also encourages tourism by bringing over 10 festival organizations with contingents of people into New Westminster, creating tourism awareness for the Community. By providing free activities to the general public, more disposable income is made available for the general public to spend on local businesses.

The Uptown Street Fest has been happening at various locations in the uptown area for about 10 years and at this particular location, with the current footprint, for 6 years. Last year the Annual Up Town Street Fest! presented by the Hyack Festival Association was a formidable success.


Thousands of people joined us for the ”Hyack International Parade” and stayed with us to celebrate the ”Uptown Street Fest!” on Belmont Street.


Our Community enjoyed incredible food, shopped from our market place vendors, families dropped by for free face painting and free street level entertainment.

Are you a vendor or business that wants to get involved in 2020? We are filling up fast, don't miss your chance to provide experiential marketing and get new clients, while showing your audience that you are community minded.

Make your business more visible by being a part of Uptown Fest. If you are interested in being part of Uptown Street fest download our form and secure your spot with an early bird discount.

Vendors, Food Truck and Other Businesses

Vendor spots are first come, first pay, first serve, and by invitation only.  Please email us at for details.

Major sponsors

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