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Become a member

The Hyack Festival Association is a volunteer run organization. If you have liked our events, such as the Parade or the Fireworks, and would like to give back to your community while socializing and learning new skills, the Hyack Festival is for you!

Members of the Hyack Festival get involved in the organizing committees of all the events we produce, get to interact with local stakeholders, get invited to Festivals across the Pacific Northwest, participate in networking events and social gatherings, receive our newsletter every month, and can be included- if they so choose- in our roster.

At the Hyack Festival Association, we are here to provide our members with meaningful volunteer activities and countless opportunities to socialize, be creative, have fun, make new lifetime friends and give back!

To become a member, register here.

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What are the benefits of membership?

If you have a desire to contribute to the New Westminster community for the betterment of all, then membership indicates a willingness to be involved and take part in the various events and activities of the association. Wholehearted support and involvement in civic activities and celebrations of the business community, schools, organizations, institutions and individual citizens is the ultimate goal of the New Westminster Hyack Festival Association.

As a member of the Hyack Festival Association you will:

  • meet and work with people of diversified interests and occupations.

  • have an opportunity to become involved in community activities and celebrations.

  • be invited to attend events and festivals in many other cities.

  • be involved in the social get-togethers of the association through which you will make many acquaintances and friendships.

  • have the opportunity to stimulate and add to the quality of life in your community

  • get discounts on market space at our events if you are a vendor

There are membership categories for singles, couples, and families, with discounted rates for seniors and youth (18-25).

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