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2024 THEME

Reach for the stars

Each year, the newly elected President of the Hyack Festival Association decides on the theme of our annual Hyack float. The theme is incorporated into all our events and each year we create a collectable pin that can be purchased from our office. 

Hyack Pin 2024.png

This year, the Hyack float is embracing the theme "Reach for the Stars," drawing inspiration from the song "Reach for the Stars" by S Club 7.
The underlying concept revolves around the idea that collectively as a community, we can prosper and achieve our dreams. The message encourages individuals to "reach for the stars" without fear, emphasizing that no one is alone in their journey. Within our vibrant community, everyone has a place where they belong, and the collective support ensures that no goal is too high to attain. 
Our community events are the perfect scenarios to build that sense of belonging and community spirit. These are days packed with joy and connections that fulfill the hearts of every individual. 
We also want to promote and celebrate the beauty of our multicultural and diverse community, one of the many qualities that set us apart. We take pride in witnessing how everyone in our community, regardless of age and background, contributes to keeping this beautiful city up and running.

See you all at our events this year!

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