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2021 THEME

Decades of Dedication

Each year, the newly elected President of the Hyack Festival Association decides on the theme of our annual Hyack float. The theme is incorporated into all our events and each year we create a collectable pin that can be purchased from our office. 


It is my honour and privilege to be the Hyack Festival Association’s 2021 President for our 50th Anniversary.

Our Golden Jubilee year was meant to be a tremendous year of celebrations and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. From our Hyack Parade & Uptown Street Festival to our Tropical Tiki night, Music Mingo, Royal City Rally, and Trivia nights, the year was to be filled with FUN.

Despite these dark times in our world, I promise to do my absolute best to bring as much joy and fun to our city as we possibly can in these difficult times. We will re-imagine and pivot wherever possible to keep our spirits bright. 

As a member of this wonderful association for 40 years, I am also celebrating my anniversary of being Miss New Westminster 1981 when I had the honor, privilege, and responsibility of traveling throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, bringing greetings from and promoting our city. I was so excited to carry on this responsibility and do the same travel and bring fresh new greetings from our city 4 decades later as President…. But…. Maybe next year.

The theme I have chosen for my year is “Decades of Dedication”.  To honour all those hard-working Hyack Festival People who have come before me, and to thank and appreciate all the past Presidents, past and present Board members, past and present members, and committee volunteers of the Hyack Festival Association, I dedicate my year of service to you and your “Decades of Dedication” to the Royal City of New Westminster

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The Royal City


New Westminster has a rich history dating back to 1859 when it was selected as the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia and officially named by Queen Victoria after her favorite part of London. The official naming by the Queen gave New Westminster its nickname ‘The Royal City” and recognition for being the first city in Western Canada.


In 1860, New Westminster became the first city to have an elected municipal government. The city’s strategic location ensured our early status as a dynamic hub of economic activity, strengthened by community pride and emboldened by achievement. While New Westminster is known for its strong ties to a colourful history, the city is gaining notoriety as a hip place to live and visit, with rapid transit access, a thriving waterfront and an abundance of arts and recreational activities. In New Westminster, we are proud of our rich past, and our doors are open to a bright future.

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