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The Hyack Festival Association has been enriching the hearts of its surrounding community since 1971. Aiming to inspire, unite and excite the community, Hyack strives to celebrate the fusion of cultures and personalities that embody New Westminster.

Hyack Ambassadors


“To provide New Westminster the opportunity to celebrate its history and its future through community partnerships, the education & mentorship of youth, and the organization of world-class parades, festivals, and events that benefit its residents.”


We embrace the opportunity to ignite the spirit of community in all of our citizens.

Join us!


At the Hyack Festival Association, we produce community festivals and events with one overall goal in mind:


To bring our community together to strengthen the ties that bind us.


To encourage us to foster the things that we share in common rather than dividing us with the things that make us different. This is what drives our volunteer-run organization to celebrate the rich cultural and diverse heritage of New Westminster and her citizens.

Formed in 1971 by Mayor Muni Evers, the Hyack Festival Association works to achieve the common goal that he bestowed upon us to produce uplifting events to enhance and enliven the quality of life for both the citizens of New Westminster and visitors to BC.


Throughout the year, we organize and sponsor a full calendar of events and projects that generate community spirit including:

The Hyack International Parade & Festival

The New Westminster Hyack Ambassador Program

The Hyack Fireworks Festival


The mental health benefits of coming together in joy and celebration with one another is often overlooked and underrated, both as individuals and as a society in general. 

Hyack Ambassador
Hyack Birthday Event
Hyack Float
Fraser River Fire Works
Hyack Float
Hyack Members
Hyack Ambassadors with Mayor and President
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