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Hyack Festival Association has been proudly sponsored by

esteemed organizations in New Westminster since its inception in 1971 

We pride ourselves on retaining the cooperative, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationships in our community,

and continue to build our long-established network within the city. 

Hyack has many different types of sponsorship opportunities, ranging from being a partner in our parade to sponsoring one of our Ambassadors for the year.

It is a unique and fun way to enhance visibility and participate in a long-standing tradition.




Hyack Festival Association events may indeed reach a broad demographic spectrum and drive economic activity, but at a time in our world when togetherness, shared experiences, compassion and fellowship are so desperately needed, the Hyack Festival Association is doing something great.


We provide a platform for positivity, we set a tone for camaraderie, and we create a time & place to come together. There’s nothing like experiencing the joy in celebration and community that binds us all.   


  • Brand visibility and business exposure to crowds of thousands 

  • Cultivating your brand as synonymous with “community engagement”

  • Recognition in Hyack Festival event advertising* (collateral marketing materials in print, digital format, on social media, and through local news coverage when available)

  • Targeted marketing to an all-age demographic in New Westminster and surrounding municipalities

  • On-site promotion in public address announcements by the MC at individual events

  • Supporting events that promote community-building, pride and a sense of belonging

When you partner with Hyack your brand becomes synonymous with Leadership in Community Engagement 

Kinman booth 2.JPG

The perfect way to promote your business while supporting a community-minded, volunteer-run organization. Our events provide countless opportunities for your business to engage and interact with potential

clients, network with other like-minded groups, and foster relationships with influential and valuable contacts.

Working with the Hyack Festival Association on a sponsorship basis is simple, rewarding, and an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand throughout the BC Lower Mainland and beyond. If you're a small business that wants to connect with your local community, or if you're a large corporation that wants to give back, partnering with Hyack gives you a way to connect and engage with the diverse communities across the West Coast. 


Contact us at

to learn more about partnership opportunities with the Hyack Festival Association

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