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The annual Hyack International Parade is our province’s largest family-oriented parade with over 100 entries from throughout BC and some from the USA. You won’t want to miss the high-energy, colourful and entertaining procession of floats, marching bands, community groups, mascots, performance artists, and more that fill the streets of New Westminster. It’s a “can’t miss” event for the entire family!

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Please inform all your entry participants that a drone will be used for recording purposes. At certain times, the drone may come close to you. During these moments, there will be two designated personnel on the opposite side of the drone to ensure safety and prevent any issues. Thank you for your cooperation!


Whether you're a marching band, a small business with a brightly decorated vehicle and costumed staff, or even a community club that knows how to whoop it up in a fun marching formation, we want you to join us!

​Bring out your community spirit, promote your brand or organization, and brighten the smiles of a huge captive audience! (Registration is closed).

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Thousands of people join us for the ”Hyack International Parade” and stay with us to celebrate the ”Hyack Festival” in Tipperary Park. 


A popular event in New Westminster, the Hyack Festival turns Tipperary Park into a hub of free entertainment, music and activities for people of all ages, while supporting local Vendors, Food Trucks and other Artisan Creators to display and sell their creations.​


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The Hyack International Parade & Festival in the Park is proud to partner with the following sponsors

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