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Alyssa Choi

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Alyssa Choi is the daughter of Andrew Choi and April Ng, and is a Grade 11 student at New West Secondary School. Alyssa is very active, and enjoys swimming, skiing, and snowboarding. She is completing her lifeguard training, is an Air Scout and plays in a badminton club. She also enjoys singing, acting, and playing guitar.


Alyssa is inspired by Winnie The Pooh because of his carefree, spontaneous and “uncarved” way of living.


Alyssa most treasures her friends and family because she can't imagine life without them.

Alyssa's favorite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is going to the Landmark Theatre with her friends, enjoying movies and the comfy chairs.


Her proudest moment in her life, so far, was holding her first paycheque.  


If Alyssa could trade place with anyone she would trade places with with an eagle to experience life from above.

Alyssa believes she would make a good Hyack Ambassador because “I am someone who enjoys helping others and this is my way of giving back to the community.”


"F.E.A.R - Face Everything And Rise"


Movie / "I cannot choose between the many captivating films I have seen"

Song / "It changes so often by the time you read this, it will be something else!"

Book / Because (Mo Willems and Amber Ren)

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