Calendar of Events

With over 20 events over the spring and summer, the Hyack Festival Association promises to give New Westminster a festival for all. Whether you love local vendors and want to support artisan craftsmen, if you enjoy dancing to music bands formed in the community, or if you relish a vibrant, colorful and culturally rich atmosphere, the Hyack Festival has it all. 

The Hyack Festival Association participates, with the Float, in many parades out of town.

Below are the dates for the upcoming Parades where you can see the float and where you can join our volunteers for fun trips and fellowship while promoting New Westminster to the world.

Capital Lakefair Parade: Saturday, July 20 @ 5 pm

Seattle Seafair Parade: Saturday, July 27 @ 7:30 pm

White Rock Parade: Sunday, Aug 4 @ 7:30 pm

Penticton Peach Festival Parade: Saturday, Aug 10 @ 10 am

Leavenworth Parade: Saturday, September 28 @ Noon



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 If you would like to partner with the Hyack Festival Association for any of our events this year, please contact us  

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