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Moira young

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TV Show / Friends
"I have re-watched it too many times to count and my family can easily find me watching it on the couch after a long day."

Movie / "The title of my favourite movie is always changing, as there was a point in time where I believed the Tigger Movie was the best thing in cinematic history. I like any movie that you can sing along to the soundtrack of and can make me smile."

Song / Mine (Taylor Swift), What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction), and Speechless (Dan + Shay)

Book / The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins) & Looking for Alaska (John Green)

"They both looked into the reality of humanity, how people are going through emotions and have histories that not everyone
can be made aware of."

Moira is the daughter of Eric and Nadia Young, and is a Grade 11 student at New West Secondary, where she is a member of the dance program. She is also a competitive dancer in Boswell Dance Academy's Company program. Moira is passionate about English and writing, and also enjoys photography, baking, and watching movies in her spare time.

Moira is most inspired by her grandma, Yvonne, as she always chooses
happiness, Yvonne's glass is always ‘half full’ rather than half empty, and she chooses to see the positive and the good in others or any situation. "Growing up, she had a fairly typical
childhood but it was not easy. She has worked hard throughout her life, ensuring that those around her were happy and well cared for. Today, my grandma willingly loves to help me and my brother with anything and everything, whether it’s driving us places, making us food, and even helping with French homework when she doesn’t speak French; I always see her with a smile on her face. Her ability to see the positive and to give to others continues to be her driving force and is why she is an inspiration to me."

Moira's most treasured keepsakes are her collection of rings. "They are quite special to me, not due to their value because they were given to me by important people in my life. My first ring was a band with infinity symbols which
was given to me by my best friend and she has the identical one to match. My favourite ring at the moment was given to me from my grandparents for my sixteenth birthday."

Moira's favourite thing to do in the Royal City, besides the Hyack Festival, is watching the fireworks down at the Quay on Canada Day.


One of the proudest moment's in Moira's life so far life was in grade 9 when she received a 94% as my
final English grade. "I stayed up late, edited my work, wrote draft after draft and all the hard work paid off in the end, I had earned the highest mark in the class from a teacher who had extremely high standards."

If she could trade places with anyone she would trade places with her mom when she was sixteen years old. "Just so I would be able to see how she honestly lived out her teenage years."


Moira believes she will be an exceptional Hyack Ambassador because she knows the importance of history and tradition in New Westminster. She knows the qualities and values that are important within our city, our community and the Hyack Ambassador program. She has lived in New Westminster for her entire life and has experienced many of its rich and unique opportunities from swimming lessons to attending 17 May Day celebrations and watching far too many lacrosse games. "I understand and value what makes New Westminster a jewel of the lower mainland."


“There will always be flowers for those who wish to see them”

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