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TV Show / The Office

or Brooklyn 99

Movie / Coraline

Singer / The Weeknd

Book / The Inheritance Games (Jennifer Lynn Branes)



"You only live once? False. You live every day. You only die once."

-Dwight Schrute, The Office

Nikka is the daughter of Dharmesh and Caroline Patel, and is an older sister to Reena and Nehru.  She is a very involved grade 12 student at New Westminster Secondary School, where she is a part of Interact Club, Student Voice, Math Club and the Heart and Stroke Foundation Club. Nikka has also participated in many extra-curricular activities including music and dance, and currently plays soccer for the New Westminster Soccer Club.

Nikka’s proudest moment so far in her life was when her soccer team went to Seattle in 2019 and won first place in the Cranberry Cup Soccer Tournament.  She remembers the final game vividly as her team scored all three goals in the last 15 minutes!  She will never forget the feeling of winning such an important game.

After graduation, Nikka hopes to become a pediatric dentist or orthodontist. As someone who has braces, she previously "hid" her smile, and she hopes to help kids gain confidence in themselves by repairing their smiles.

As a child, the first book Nikka read on her own was called “Fairy Colours” by Caroline Repchuk and it is now her most prized possession because it was a significant accomplishment for her younger self.  She remembers reading it over and over to her mother! 

Nikka is most inspired by her grandfather, Magan Patel.  Her grandfather immigrated from Fiji with his wife and two sons for a better quality of life.  He was accepted into the Boston University Medical School but could not afford to attend.  Instead, he became a chemical engineer. Nikka aspires to be as wise and resilient as her grandfather. Nikka is incredibly grateful to her grandparents, who sacrificed so much, by immigrating to Canada for a better life for future generations.


Other than Hyack week, what Nikka is most proud of in our Royal City is how New Westminster is its small community.  "Everyone is friendly, family orientated and supports one another, especially the local businesses."


A historic event Nikka would have like to witness was to see the Taj Mahal being built as it is a beautiful unique building.

To anonymously brighten someone’s day, Nikka would pay for the person behind her in the Starbucks drive thorough, as those drinks tend to be pricey!  And then she hopes that they will pay her kindness forward. 

As a Hyack Ambassador, Nikka hopes to represent her city with professionalism, to inspire young girls, and give back to her community.

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