May Day Community 

Heritage Picnic

The Royal City comes together every year for the New Westminster MAY DAY COMMUNITY HERITAGE PICNIC in the historic Armoury, Canada’s oldest active wooden Armoury!

Attendees pack a picnic basket, wear their spring bonnet and bring a smile for the New Westminster MAY DAY COMMUNITY HERITAGE PICNIC on Sunday, May 24, 2 pm to 4 pm at The Armoury of The Royal Westminster Regiment.  


This picnic recreates in a small way, the early beginnings of May Day 1870 when citizens of all ages gathered to welcome spring and build community spirit for the disheartened citizens at that time. Highlights of the afternoon included the performance by both 2018 & 2019 May Queen Suites and the Royal Lancers of the traditional century-old Lancer "quadrille" dances as well as the Royal Knight Honour Guard, sharing interesting May Day trivia. 

 We will embrace the rich history and traditions of May Day current and past! Our picnic marks the finale of the May Day Week and is an uplifting wrap-up event for the annual Hyack Festival in New Westminster!   

This year, celebrate the rich history and traditions of May Day in the Royal City as adults, youth and seniors come together for a fun day of positive community building! A good old fashioned indoor picnic for children and those "young at heart!"  Bring a smile and be prepared to have some light-hearted fun!

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